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Caregiver helps serves  elderly clientt

Caregiver helps serves elderly clientt

Charisma Homecare  came to existence following a personal experience to care for aging grand parents. The grandparents were advanced in age and it was becoming difficult to take care of them while at the same time, struggling to keep a full time job. Observations in many of the senior homes were not encouraging, so, I arrived at the conclusion to quit my job, to look after my grandparents in our family home. That move, and the experience that followed inspired the formation of this dedicated agency.

The number on our staff list grew and today, that legacy of commitment is still our main focus. We also acknowledge the fact that, being part of this agency, is also being part of our family. This agency is family owned and operated, with family values. As we care for our client, so also we do care for our staffs. Our services are continually offered in a safe and friendly way. We make it possible for our senior clients to be able to maintain their independence and quality of life in their usual and familiar environment, while still maintaining contact with friends, places, and their special interests without total dependency on their families.

As a group of dedicated caregiver, our jurisdiction cuts across the length and breath of CT and beyond. Our staffs are well seasoned professionals with specific knowledge pertaining to “aging” and “aging conditions”.  They are well trained to handle all this non-medical situations with proper care. We make it a priority to update our staffs in any relevant training to help them in the discharge of their duties.

We encourage you to contact us with any form of inquiry about us, and our services, and we would be happy to answer your questions.


“It was definitely my prayer answered, when charisma took over the caring for my mother..”
Becky Burgher

“The best way for me to describe your establishment is to refer to it as simply “caring”. You are truly the extention of my family…”
Anne Mary Lowe

“Charisma took care of both of my parents at the end of their lives. We had their employees in our home for 5 years. Not once did we have a bad experience with a caregiver. The level of care and the compassion and caring spirit of the owners, managers, and the wonderful caregivers was incredible…”
Alan Smith